Dr. L. Schmitt

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Thank you for your interest and the trust you have placed in us.
Experience, versatility and confidence-building are the resources we put at your disposal to solve any cosmetic and/or functional problems you might be facing.

Implantologie "PRF FELLOW" in regenerative dentistry since 2006

Aesthetics prosthesis

Our practice meets the most recent and most stringent standards in terms
of hygiene, digitalization and technology.

A partnership with a ceramist settled in Nyon as close as possible to the practice guarantees
results that match your high aesthetic expectations.

Dr Laurent Schmitt

Dr Antoine Calvy

2 hygienists
Ms. Saskia Naz

Ms. Neda Dolatshahi

2 dental assistants
Ms. Céline Larouble
Ms. Lore Dutoit

Becoming a New Patient

This involves an initial 45-minute consultation to identify and explain any problems you may have and propose a treatment plan to be endorsed by the patient, based on objective data and in clear and easily understandable language.

Why general dentistry?

We have to master all the treatment methods available to dentistry, just like the conductor of an orchestra would do in order to create a perfect score that is suited to each individual case.

The treatment has to work well, but prevention and individualized dental prophylaxis,  above all, remain our driving force and our primary motivation.

Nowadays it is possible to bring a child through to adulthood with a dentition that is capable of functioning throughout life without any delayed major problems.

The methods available to us

  • - Prosthodontics / orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics / oral surgery /
    implant surgery
  • - Emergencies and traumatology / conservative dentistry
  • - Illustrated examples based on a few case studies
  • - Dentofacial orthopaedics + orthodontics
  • - Prosthodontics + dental implant prosthetics
  • - Traumatology

Fees / any payment method and facility
Hygienist fee: 140CHF
SSO (Swiss Dental Organisation) tariff: CHF 1.12

Avenue Reverdil 2
1260 Nyon
022 361 78 44